here is the video (well half of it) from our show at plush in august...big thanks to jason for doing this...


here is a digital download of the sound board from the plush show...big thanks to mike the sound guy for this one holy shit he was good...



it came with the rain

Download the new album here. A dark noise experiment soundtrack to a film that does not exist. For some this record will be a bridge, for others a wall. The woods were explored...strange hidden doors...opened...pathways unknown...they emerged broken...enlightened...vulernable...the findings...expressed...through the noise...sound...composed using leaves, fans, the rain, crickets, bowls, rusty hinges, fire, water, glass, all thread rod, a washing machine, a dumpster, a shovel, meat, a train, a forklift, eschuseaon plates, wood, hooves, wind, a space gong, dulcimer, glockenspiel, bow, theremin, metal, thunder tube, nuts and bolts, megaphone, chord organ, and 50 gallons of came with the rain...





The Omelette Sessions in review







Easily download Mussy Cluves albums here...




Download our new split album with JB Nelson for free now!!!




Mussy is on the new raw dog album, "Proud To Be Weird Proud To Be White Trash". Listen to Blumpkin. This is pure fucking rock and cockin' roll pals. Buy the album. Also look for the split album collaboration with the one and only death country god JB Nelson.


------------------------- - a review of a mussy cluves show...



The band GYN sent us a message wanting to make musical intercourse with the cluves. Mussy was excited with this challenge. We are big fans of the GYN. GYN lives in the Virgin Islands...they sent us an mp3 of tracks they put together and had us put some tracks to it. We had fun with is the outcome...iguy